East Village District Plant

Ground Up Plant Construction

Owner / General
JMI Realty

Contract Amount
$8.5 Million

Plans called for development in the Village to be built out over a number of years, so phasing of the production output of the district cooling central plant was also necessary. As the design/build prime contractor, Jackson & Blanc took charge of the economic evaluation, system selection, cost estimates and scheduling for construction of each phase of the plant.

Phase 1A construction of the EVDP began in Spring of 2003 and included the construction and development of the 8,000 square foot plant building, 8,000 lineal feet of distribution piping, and a core mechanical system with 2,600 tons of cooling. Phase 1B of plant construction began in February of 2006 and added two additional chillers, bringing the production total to 5,200 tons and fill out the original main building. Phase 2 coincides with the build-out of the Ballpark Village adding additional 5,200 tons of chilled water production.

EVDP is a fully operational, unmanned district cooling central plant. Jackson & Blanc uses control technology, which enables them to manage the plant through an online system accessible from any computer or handheld digital device. A dedicated team of Plant Managers routinely monitor the plant’s systems, but a dedicated, on-site staff is not necessary to ensure that the plant operates at peak performance.

Jackson & Blanc has a 20-year agreement with JMI Realty to operate and maintain the East Village District Cooling Plant. In addition, responsibility for marketing, construction management, billing and client management over the 20 year agreement period will be handled by Team Service, a Jackson & Blanc affiliate. Jackson & Blanc’s goal is total customer satisfaction and 100 percent uptime delivery, which has consistently achieved since start up.

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