Marine Corps Logistics Base - Barstow

Energy Upgrade & Steam Plant De-Commission

Owner / General
US Marine Corps

Contract Amount
$6 Million

Jackson & Blanc teamed with Souza Construction and DEC Engineering to provide the HVAC and plumbing construction for an extensive energy upgrade to the 475,000 sq. foot small arms renovation facility at MCLB Barstow.

The project consisted of installation of new high efficiency chillers, pumps, boilers, and air handlers to serve the comfort cooling needs of the facility. The production areas previously served by central steam systems for heating were converted to high efficiency gas fired furnaces. Finally many of the industrial cleaning required to refurbish the small arms were served by an in-efficient central steam system. These various cleaning tanks and wash facilities were converted to local high efficiency steam systems or local highly efficient electrical driven systems. In total the facility is saving nearly $1 million dollars in energy costs annually.

The project presented many logistical challenges due to the ongoing operations of the facility, high security setting, and 60 foot high installation in the production areas themselves. J&B worked closely with Souza Construction to overcome all of these challenges and successfully complete the project on time and without incident.

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Project: Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow