Mesa College

Central Chilled and Hot Water Plant

Owner / General
San Diego Community College District

Contract Amount
$5.5 Million

Jackson & Blanc was selected by San Diego Community College District as the prime contractor for design and construction of the new central chilled and hot water plant to serve the existing campus and allow for future expansion of over 200,000 square foot of planned space.

Working closely with the design team and SDCCD to determine the current and future requirements, the new plant and underground piping system was designed to accommodate up to 2000 tons of chilled water and 12 MBTU of heating hot water. In order to best meet the varying load profiles a combination of high efficiency centrifugal chillers and frictionless compressor chillers were selected along with high efficiency condensing boilers. All pumping systems were provided with variable frequency drives and complex control algorithms were incorporated to maximize energy efficiency.

The project presented several challenges due to the urban setting and ongoing campus operations that took place during construction. The J&B team worked closely with SDCCD project management and our subcontractors to deliver the project on time and without incident in this very highly congested and populated campus environment.

Project Categories
Project: Mesa College Central Plant