UC Riverside

Emissions Controls Upgrade

Owner / General
University of California Riverside

Contract Amount
$2.4 Million

Jackson & Blanc was awarded the prime construction contract to upgrade the emissions controls for the central campus steam system at UC Riverside. As prime contractor J&B was responsible not only for the mechanical portions of the project but major structural & electrical components of the contract.

The scope of work included installation of a pre-packaged ammonia pumping skid, ammonia piping systems, flue injection systems, new vertical stacks, major structural upgrades, new control rooms, and complex control strategies to achieve the project goals of reducing emissions to meet current and future regulations.

The entire project was completed within an operation central plant and campus environment. Close coordination was required to ensure no loss of steam production used for campus heating occurred. Additionally major rigging and structural scopes required just in time deliveries due to limited staging area and crane access.

Project Categories
Project: UC Riverside Emissions Controls Upgrade